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How does podmkr work?

See how easy it is

Just 4 little steps

podmkr will help you to get your favorite coffee into a reusable stainless steel pod.
  1. Fill coffee beans into the hopper
  2. Add the reusable pod and press the button to grind the beans and fill your pod automatically
  3. Add the lid
  4. Put the pod into your coffee machine and brew it like any other pod

Your benefits

Save money

Save over $200/year

If you drink just one cup of coffee a day you save more then $200/year! Making your own pods is much cheaper than buying coffee pods from the store.

Works with most machines

With podmkr you can refill pods for: Keurig®, Nespresso®, Nespresso® vertuo.
Save the environment

No more coffee pod waste

Keep thousands of coffee pods from the dump by using the podmkr for reusable, environmentally-friendly coffee pods.
Better coffee

Enjoy freshly ground coffee every time

No more stale, preground coffee that’s been sitting on some store shelf for months.
Just like in Italy

Brew fresh coffee every time with your capsule machine.

Begin each day with a cup of freshly ground coffee just like in your favorite local neighborhood Café.
stainless steel & dishwasher safe

Reusable pods inclusive

Your podmkr comes with your choice of 3 reusable stainless steel pods for your Keurig®, Nespresso® or Nespresso Vertuo®
No more mess

Super Easy to Use

Just put the reusable pod into the machine and press the button. You will get the same amount of coffee grounds every time.

Durable Conical Burr

The 40mm stainless steel conical burr allows for precise grinding. Select from over 30 grind settings to brew your coffee your way!

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    Save Money, Big time

    If you drink just one cup of coffee a day, (and who do you know who drinks just one?) podmkr will save you more than $300/year. Imagine the savings if you drink multiple cups per day or live with multiple coffee drinkers.
    Enjoy your coffee without a guilty conscience

    Save the environment

    If you replace your single-use coffee pods with podmkr you significantly reduce your waste and carbon footprint. Plus, you keep a lot of plastic out your local landfill.

    Can replace all of these coffee pods

    Very easy to program

    Your Coffee, Your Way. With Memory Buttons

    With four memory buttons, make sure your preferences are always saved. You can program each button individually, so each member of your family can choose their own setting. These memory buttons can also assist you if you use multiple pod machines, so you always get the correct amount of coffee grounds for your cup.