Einspänner: Vienna’s Coffeehouse Classic Meets Modern Brewing

Einspaenner - a famous coffee from Vienna, Austria

Coffee enthusiasts often embark on a global journey through their mugs, savoring the distinctive flavors and traditions of each region. One such classic is the Einspänner, a beverage that captures the very essence of Vienna’s historic coffeehouses. With its rich history and simple yet indulgent composition, the Einspänner has been a favorite for centuries. And today, we’re bringing this Viennese delight right into your home using the PodMkr and Keurig brewing system.

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is renowned for its coffee culture. Its coffeehouses, or “Kaffeehäuser,” are more than just places to enjoy a cup of joe. They’re institutions, spaces for intellectual discussions, reading newspapers, and, most importantly, savoring a good coffee. The Einspänner, with its layer of whipped cream atop a strong brew, epitomizes the elegance and tradition of these establishments.

Making an Einspänner is an art in itself. It requires the perfect balance between the robust flavor of freshly brewed coffee and the sweet, velvety texture of whipped cream. And while the traditional method is timeless, our modern approach using the PodMkr ensures you get the freshest brew every time. Grinding your beans just before brewing retains the coffee’s aromatic oils and flavors, making each sip a delightful experience.

Pairing the PodMkr with the Keurig system offers the perfect blend of tradition and convenience. Keurig’s single-serve brewing ensures that each cup is excellent, while PodMkr’s eco-friendly pods reduce waste, making your coffee indulgence guilt-free.

As you sip on your Einspänner, imagine the cobblestone streets of Vienna, the gentle hum of conversations in a cozy Kaffeehaus, and the melodies of a distant piano. This is not just a coffee; it’s a journey, a moment of reflection, a slice of history.

In conclusion, the Einspänner is more than a drink—it’s a testament to Vienna’s rich coffee heritage. And with the PodMkr and Keurig, you can easily recreate this classic, ensuring every cup is fresh, flavorful, and sustainable experience. So the next time you crave a touch of European elegance, you know what to brew.

Einspaenner - a famous coffee from Vienna, Austria

Einspänner: A Classic Viennese Delight

Einspänner is a traditional Austrian coffee drink that has graced the tables of Vienna's classic coffeehouses for centuries. This delightful beverage is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. With just three ingredients, you can create a drink that is both comforting and indulgent. Let's explore how to make an Einspänner using your Keurig machine and the environmentally-friendly PodMkr.
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 3 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 1 people


  • Keurig
  • PodMkr


  • Freshly Ground Coffee Beans
  • 1-2 teaspoons Sugar adjust to taste
  • Whipped Cream


  • Preparation: Begin by grinding your choice of coffee beans with the PodMkr. The freshness of the beans will ensure a robust flavor, setting the foundation for your Einspänner.
  • Brewing: Place the freshly filled stainless steel pod into your Keurig machine. Select the size of your preference (typically 6-8 oz for a standard coffee cup) and let the machine do its magic.
  • Sweetening: Once your coffee is brewed, add sugar according to your taste preference. Stir well to ensure the sugar is fully dissolved.
  • Topping: Generously top your coffee with a dollop of whipped cream. The cream serves as an insulator, keeping your coffee warm for longer. Plus, as it slowly melts into the coffee, it adds a creamy richness.



Enjoying Your Einspänner:
With your Einspänner ready, find a cozy spot, take a moment, and enjoy the layers of flavor. Sip the hot coffee through the cold whipped cream for a delightful contrast of temperatures and textures. Each sip offers a sweet, creamy start followed by the deep, aromatic notes of the coffee.
  • For an added twist, sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of the whipped cream.
  • If you prefer your coffee on the stronger side, opt for a dark roast or increase the coffee-to-water ratio slightly.
  • Always use cold heavy cream for whipping; it will give you the best and fluffiest results.
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