Barista coffee shop taste.
Using your pod coffee machine.

Grind any beans into custom pods.

Over 6000 sold.
5-Star rated
Works with almost every Keurig and Nespresso model.

Here’s how it works

Add any coffee beans.

Grind pod & add lid.

Brew your custom coffee pod!

Barista coffee shop experience at home.
Using most any pod-based coffee machine.

Clean Coffee. No Waste

Eco-friendly. No chemicals. No waste.

Space-saving design

Only takes about 2 cups of space on a counter.

$2,000 savings over 10 years

Coffee pods are wasteful and expensive. PodMkr saves about $200/year.

Why get PodMkr now versus in the future?

  • Each day that passes means less fresh coffee at home
  • Each day that passes means losing money on pods (Podmkr users save around $200/year)
  • Each day that passes means being stuck with existing pod flavors
  • Each day that passes means more plastic waste and chemicals.

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coffee house quality at home.

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